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History of the Bullet Bra

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Bullet Bra History through the Ages

Today the bullet bra isn’t seen very often. It has a very particular look and is therefore only sought after by a select group of women.

bullet bra history vintage lingerie harlow History of the Bullet Bra History of the Bullet BraThe bullet bra had its origins and its height of fame in the 1950′s. It was made popular by girls like Marilyn Monroe and other pin-up style females of its time.

The bullet bra is a full covering bra, unlike the other half bras discussed on this blog. It was however during its time considered to be shape enhancing and was the push up bra of its time. In the 1950’s the bullet bra was almost solely made from nylon or satin and it has distinct circular or cone shaped cups.

What is interesting about the bullet bra is that it does not have any padding or underwire like most push up bras these days. Instead the circular stitching and proper sizing made these bras fit perfectly on most women without needing extra padding or annoying underwire sticking into your ribs.

Some women did however decide to stuff the bullet bras just to fill out the rest of the cup and make them seem extra pointy.

The downfall of the bullet bra came during the 1960′s with the introduction of padded bras and underwire.

In recent times it has started gaining popularity again mostly thanks to Madonna who wore a Jean Paul Gaultier designed bullet bra during her 1990 tour. It was thought to be erotic and provoking even then, despite being decades after it’s birth.

The bullet bra has also become popular with burlesque and rockabilly enthusiasts, which both draw a lot of references from the 50′s.

Finding a bullet bra can be difficult as it is considered vintage lingerie now. There are a few companies around the world that still manufacture them, but otherwise search for bullet bras in vintage shops or on trading sites. A vintage bullet bra that has been taken care of will still be in good condition.

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Is a See Thru Bra With All the Trimmings Really Necessary?

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Looking for the right see thru bra can be a nightmare sometimes. Sure the experience of going shopping always gives me a buzz and knowing what I’m looking for always helps the process too.

huit huit01 vec5 gs Is a See Thru Bra With All the Trimmings Really Necessary? Is a See Thru Bra With All the Trimmings Really Necessary?I have a certain style when it comes to lingerie and see thru bras in particular. I prefer them in a plain style, but in bright colors.

So many see thru bras come with lace, ribbons, and bows. I wonder if it’s really to make you look sexier or whether they are meant to hide your breasts, which is just silly since they are see through!

I think marketing companies have taught us what to wear when it comes to lingerie. All the excesses will make you more attractive and in turn get your partner more excited in the bedroom.

I can’t believe some of the the products I’ve seen out there, I sometimes wonder if a see thru bra was conceived out of a market demand or whether the demand for the see thru bra was created from efficient marketing strategies. Then again everybody is entitled to wear what they want and I suppose the variety in lingerie is what makes it so exciting.

In the August 2010 edition of Elle magazine I was reading an article which had a bunch of stories from different women on what their opinion of sexy lingerie is and their experiences.

A couple of the women explained how they bought a see thru bra and matching set, with all the trimmings mentioned above. Whether it was for a regular night in the bedroom or a sensual honeymoon it was disappointing to these women to see the reaction they received from their partners.

Some of their partners just weren’t into it. When they asked their partners why they didn’t enjoy the sexy see thru bra they had bought they were told their partners wanted something simpler. And this was after a year of marriage in one of the stories!

I’m not in a relationship at the moment but when I am I always talk to my partner to see what turns them on and what doesn’t. Sure I have my own preferences when it comes to lingerie and what I would like to wear for what occasion. If you are buying a see thru bra for your partner to enjoy make sure you ask them first what they like.

Some like the extravagant see thru bra, but you might be surprised, like the girls in the article, to find out your partner gets turned on by the simple see thru bra without the bows, ribbons and lace.

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When to Wear a Half and Quarter Cup Bra

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The opportunities for you to wear a half cup or quarter cup bra might not be that often.

leg avenue lave01 86315 gv When to Wear a Half and Quarter Cup Bra When to Wear a Half and Quarter Cup BraMost people believe that wearing erotic lingerie, especially a quarter cup bra, is something you only do for your partner. You wear lingerie to impress your partner and hopefully get a positive reaction to continue shopping for new lingerie. It makes you feel wanted and desired.

The truth is women should wear a quarter cup bra and half cup bras more often. My lingerie collection is growing larger and larger these days. That’s because my reasons for buying erotic lingerie is not only to please my partner.

Don’t get me wrong, wanting to please your partner is a great thing, especially if they enjoy seeing you in a quarter cup bra, but sometimes the old saying “please yourself first” rings true more often than we care to follow it.

There is no denying that the main underlying reason us women buy erotic lingerie is to feel sexy. Feeling desired and attractive makes us feel good about ourselves, it makes us happy. All women are beautiful and we all deserve to be happy.

Wearing a piece of sexy lingerie, like a quarter cup bra, underneath your clothes will definitely make you feel sexier. That feeling will keep you feeling good about yourself all day long.

Change your thinking that erotic lingerie is only suitable for naughty weekends, anniversaries, honeymoons or wedding nights. If that was the case we wouldn’t wear sexy open cup bras more than once or twice a year, if that.

If it makes you feel good to wear a quarter cup bra, wear it everyday, whatever makes you feel happy and good about yourself. It comes back to pleasing yourself first. When you are happy people will start asking what you did to make yourself look so vibrant and playful.

Rather than waiting for your body to change or your confidence to grow put on a quarter cup bra now and see how it makes you feel. Such a simple piece of lingerie will make you feel sexier instantly and you will naturally start to feel more confident and comfortable wearing erotic lingerie.

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Half Bras – 6 Tips on How To Fit a Bra Properly

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Wearing half bras doesn’t ensure that you automatically look sexy. It’s important to make sure that your bra is well fitted, regardless of what type of bra it is.

wonderbra won001 7878 gs Half Bras   6 Tips on How To Fit a Bra Properly Half Bras   6 Tips on How To Fit a Bra ProperlyWhat you want to look for first is what type of half cup bra you are after. Is it a balconette bra, push up bra, demi cup bra, shelf bra, or cupless bra. What kind of colours and fabrics do you want for your bra? This may sound a bit trivial but picking a bra that you like is the first step to finding a bra for you before you get into all the technical ways to fit a bra properly.

Bra Band

What you should check first when fitting a bra is the bra band that goes around your rib cage.

When fitted properly and viewed in a mirror, the band should not cut into the ribcage or give you discomfort. It should remain parallel or horizontal with the floor so to speak. The band shouldn’t ride up at the back or sit diagonally when viewed to the side. The main support of a bra comes from the bra band.

Shoulder Straps

Should straps. Make sure the straps aren’t too tight. Fitted properly the shoulder straps should not cut into the shoulders, neither should they fall off. Remember that the bra band and shoulder straps should both sit so that they follow the natural line of your body without displaying indentations.


If you bra has an underwire it’s important that the underwire doesn’t poke out or push into your ribcage. The underwire should be under your breasts to support them, not crush them.

Breast Cups

When it comes to the cups you’ll need to make sure that the breasts fill them adequately. The breasts should not spill over the front, or the sides. As mentioned before, make sure the bra, and cups follow a natural contour of your body, this means that the cups should be filled, giving your breasts a rounder look, not a muffin top or half empty glass. This is just as important with half bras as well as full cup bras.


After checking the comfort and the way the bra looks in the mirror it is time to check how functional it is. Rotating your torso from side to side and moving your arms in all directions is a great way of testing this. The rotation and movement should still keep the bra in place comfortably. If straps or bands are moving and cutting into your skin it’s not well fitted. The same goes for the bra cups. Your breasts shouldn’t move around too much or be wedged into the cups.

Final Test

The final test is the easiest one. Put your top back on and have a look in the mirror. Does the bra make your breast, or cleavage look better? Is the bra hidden or does it leave indentations even when it’s under your top?

All these tips above should help you with finding flattering yet comfortable half bras. If you are more of a visual person I’ve managed to find this video below, which shows most of the tips, explained above.

How To Choose A Well-Fitting Bra

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