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The Largest Soling Fleet

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(PRWEB) June 7, 2005

The largest fleet – 43 boats – and number of nations – 13 – in the past eight years signalled the return of the Soling to its amateur roots and attested to its health in Europe, North America, and South America. The new amateur champions, Roman Koch / Maxl Koch / Gregor Bornemann from Germany’s Chiemsee, who began racing in the class as a teenager 35 years ago, bested the two-time World Champion, Gustavo Warburg with Flaco Notebohmm and Eduardo Coulon, a developing champion from Slovenia, Bostjan Antoncic / Gennadi Strakh / Hemlek, and an experienced group of contenders from three continents. The top six were from six different countries – Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Argentina, Austria, and Brazil. In the top quarter of the fleet were three Germans, two Hungarians, two Austrians, two Argentinians, one Slovenian, one Brazilian, and one American. The racing was close – four different race winners – Koch/Koch/Bornemann(Germany), Antoncic/Strakh/Hamlek(Slovenia), Gyenese/Gyula/Vezer (Hungary), and Warburg/Notebohmm/Coulon (Argentina) – a span of but 35 points between second and 13th – except at the very front where Koch/Koch/Bornemann dominated with two firsts, two seconds, and two thirds!

Race #1 – The first race, on Monday May 23rd, held in late afternoon in a dying southwesterly – and abandoned after two rounds – was notable for USA842 (Stu Walker’s/Tom Price/John Standiford) port tack start across the fleet, ARG32′s (Warburg/Notebohmm/Coulon) seizure of the lead by a daring move to the left at the start of the second beat, and the disqualification of eight boats under the black flag rule! (No further use of the black flag – and no further recalls of any nature! – were employed, the committee apparently assuming that one warning was enough.)

Race #1 – (resailed) -Tuesday 18 kn. amalgamated sea breeze – 295’-310’ (320’ near shore)- Course #1 – 16 mile triangle, windward, leeward, triangle –

The local Italians, GER300 (Koch/Koch/Bornemann), SLO1 (Antoncic/Strakh/Hamlek), and USA832 (Kamps/Kasniunas/Kamps) (seeking clear air while repairing a separated jib tack!) headed for the shore to the right – where the overland and overwater segments of the parallel-to-shore flow with water on its right diverged, accelerated, and veered. Those who first noted that the leaders were in a near-shore starboard tack lift were able to catch up but could never overcome their initial lead. GER300, revelling in the 18 knot winds and his early lead, won easily with SLO1 2nd, USA832 3rd, CAN848 (Allen/Anderson/Norris) 4th, ARG32 (Warburg/Notebohmm/Coulon) (from a long way back) 5th, local Italian ITA 243 (Carducci/Genna/Ferraro) 6th, Kochen/Bernd/Holl(Germany) 7th, and HUN77 Georg Wossala/Kovasci/Nemeth (Hungary) 8th.

Race #2 – Tuesday – 18-20 kn. amalgamated sea breeze – 295’-310’ (320’ near shore) – Course #2 (again)

Now that everyone knew that getting into the near-shore veer to the right was essential, the fleet started in a congealed mass at the starboard end allowing GER300, HUN1, GER 308 Haist/Pastrach/Oldbrich, and USA842 to cross them from the upwind, port end, and lead into the shore and around the weather mark. HUN1 and GER 300 pulled away together, but HUN1 beat GER300 down the reaches and held on to win with GER 308 3rd, (and when USA842 jib tack blew out) SLO1 4th, ARG34 Busch/Noceti/Feldtmann 5th, AUT117 Auteried/Moser/Kendler 6th, ARG 32 7th, and GER 304 Maschkiwitz/Oheler/Sauerbier, 8th.

Race #3 – Wednesday – 14 kn. dying, offshore, oscillating northeasterly – 40’-60’

After port end starts, USA842 and GER300 fought their way up the first leg with GER300 moving ahead as they approached the mark and USA842 being passed by BRA68 Cunha/Falcao/Goretkin and GER318 Schuckmann/Marquadt/Hanke as they rounded. The northeasterly died on the second run and the sea breeze could be seen encroaching from the right. Those like GER300 and SLO1, who were leading, sailed through the convergence with ease, but most of those astern were trapped for varying lengths of time in the zone of stagnant air between the two winds as the advancing sea breeze front, unable to cross the shore ahead, stalled. Those who attempted to go high towards the sea breeze in the old wind, like USA807 Hoeksema/Collins/Hoeksema and ARG 34 Busch/Noceti/Feldtmann, lost 10 or more boats, while others like USA842 Walker/Price/Standiford and GER267 Kochen/Bernd/Holl, who held low, below the worst of the convergence, gained an equal number. SLO1 won in the now well-developed sea breeze, but GER300 garnered another second. GER304 was 3rd, HUN1 Hansgrohe-AIG-VIP team 4th, NED 25 Offermans/Zijilstra/Dusee 5th, and HUN77 T Mobile team Wossala/Kovasci/Vezer 6th.

Race #4- Wednesday – 10-12 knot secondary sea breeze – 275’-285’

Although the sea breeze crossed the shoreline and spread across the course, it never veered beyond 285’ and never increased in velocity beyond 12 knots. The windward mark was at least a mile offshore so that until the final beat the along-shore divergence veer never reached out to the starboard layline. There was in fact a net back and a net increase in velocity along the port layline that brought GER300, NOR133 Usturud/Ottestad/Goldeng BI School team, AUT117, ARG34, and ARG32 Renault team into the weather mark ahead of the early leaders, HUN1 and USA 842. GER300 had his second victory and with a score of 1-2-2-1 was now nearly impossible to catch. Norwegian, NOR133, held his second position, HUN1 fought his way up to 3rd, AUT117 was 4th, CAN848, 5th, ARG34 6th, and ARG32 7th.

Race #5 – Thursday – 8-12 kn. oscillating northeasterly – 40’-60’

The wind was again offshore, USA842 was again off from the port end in the lead, found the weather mark free of traffic, and led SLO1 down the run. But on the second beat the group of boats that followed SLO1 to the left – AUT 124 Franz team Schneeberger/Moser/Panek, GER300, and BRA68 – passed USA842 (who had taken the long tack to the right). On the final beat ARG34 moved into 5th and at the finish it was SLO1 (his second win), BRA68, GER300, AUT124, ARG34, USA842, and NED38 Bram Soethoudt/Figaroa/Verjeit in 7th, just ahead of the invading sea breeze.

Race #6 – Thursday – 10-12 knot secondary sea breeze – 275’-285’

Although the race committee waited until the sea breeze had spread across the beach and across the course before starting Race #6, the wind was full of holes, lumps, and 5-10 degree oscillations. Once again (as it had in the secondary sea breeze of the previous day) it paid to go left on the first beat and those that did rounded the weather mark in a back and an increase in velocity. ARG32 Ranault team found the speed and demonstrated the promise he had shown in the practice race, and led AUT117 around the weather mark and pulled steadily away. The first victory of the two-time World Champion (‘01 and ‘04) moved him into 4th place (where he had finished in a chartered boat in Marblehead in ‘02) with 29 pts. ahead of AUT117 whose second place had moved him into series 5th with 32 points, four ahead of BRA68, who finished 9th and took series 6th. But neither could catch HUN1 Hansgrohe-AIG-VIP team, who finished 6th and held series 3rd nor SLO1 who, with 19 points, 8 ahead of Gyenese and 10 ahead of Warburg, was second and virtually uncatchable. Roman Koch/Maxl Koch/Gregor Bornemann the big guys had his worst race, a third!, sealed his series victory and World Championship, and had no need to sail on the final day.

Race #7 – Friday – abandoned – 3-5 knot fluky sea breeze – 250’-270’

The final day dawned calm and only a light, shifty sea breeze appeared by noon. The fleet limped out for a 1:30PM start and waited for two hours in the patchy, shifting flow and a 3/4 kn. adverse current. The race committee, wisely recognizing that it was highly unlikely that any boat would reach the 1.5 mile distant weather mark in the 50 minute time limit and that the shifts made it impossible for them to set a fair course, abandoned the race at 3:30PM and sent us in to haul out and pack up. The previous day’s standings would decide the outcome, we had a complete series, and a champion who could not be beaten.

The top boats were typically about ten years old (but many were nearer twenty) using Curtis jibs and a variety of mains and spinnakers. Most were Borressens, but many were Abbotts. In the top half of the fleet were four Germans (placing from first to 19th), one Slovenian (2nd), two Hungarians (3rd and 10th), two Argentinians (4th and 8th), one Brazilian (6th), three Austrians (placing from 5th to 14th), three Americans (placing from 11th to 23rd), two Dutchman (13th and 20th), four Italians (placing from 15th to 24th), one Norwegian (17th), and one Canadian (18th).

These were all amateurs – the last pro, Sergei Pichugin, won the 2003 Worlds at Lake Balaton – and it is reassuring to see (now that the pros are gone) how many more boats are willing to attend a World Championship. Everyone enjoyed themselves, there were no protests and no requests for redress. The competition was undoubtedly not as good as it once was – but the infighting was as close as ever – and the big Guys – sailing at his best with the stimulation and support of success in the first race and in subsequent races (“Nothing succeeds like success!”) – would in this instance have given any of them a run for their money.


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The Top 50 Emerging Companies Voted by 100 Venture Capital Funds & Angel Investors

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New York City (PRWEB) October 26, 2005

FundingPost (http://www.FundingPost.com) proudly announced today the winning companies from its second annual Pitching Across America competition.

FundingPost, which has been introducing entrepreneurs to investors for almost 5 years, established the competition in which 100 Venture Capital Funds and Angel Investors participated as judges, voting on 300 business summaries from emerging companies nationwide. The largest Venture Capital competition ever organized, this years Pitching Across America was sponsored by Wolf Block and PRNewswire.

The emerging companies were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 10. Judging criteria consisted of several key points including: the professionalism of the written summary, current stage of development (customers, revenue), competitive advantage and need in the marketplace, feasibility for success, and whether the company is VentureWorthy.

We are delighted to have had another successful year of the Pitching Across America competition. Again the response and the level of interest from both the Venture and Angel community and the entrepreneurs who participated was outstanding, said Joe Rubin, Director, FundingPost, These entrepreneurs represent some of the most promising emerging companies in the U.S. this year.

“It was another great year for Pitching Across America and a real testimony to FundingPost’s value added service to the entrepreneur & venture capital community, said Josh M. Eudowe, Managing Director, Santa Monica Partners Asset Management. I reviewed some great companies and look forward to learning of the winners.

National Winner: CSX Fiber Networks, Virginia

Upon closing of a management buyout, CSX Fiber Networks is a $ 10mm subsidiary of the Fortune 250 CSX Corporation.

CSX Fiber Networks, provides network and infrastructure services to the largest US carriers including AT&T, MCI, Sprint, Cingular, Nextel and Verizon and the US Government. The Company offers network infrastructure deployment, financing, optimization, integration, maintenance, and management throughout the continental US.

Leveraging its professional services, infrastructure deployment, financing, and staffing capabilities, the company offers solutions that significantly improve the price/performance of existing communications networks enabling clients to better serve their customers while improving operating economics. The design and delivery of these custom infrastructure solutions leverages proprietary tools and assets, including FiberSource, a knowledge and relationship base delivering access to over 350,000 route miles of telecom network infrastructure and over 530 metropolitan fiber networks nationwide.

Runner-Up: Controlled Semiconductor, Inc., Florida

ConSemi is manufacturer of LCD and Semiconductor Process Equipment. We hold several patents in the industry ranging from photomask through failure analysis. ConSemi launched our MRT (Mask Repair Tool) in 2004 and have sold several of these systems to the top LCD manufacturers in the world. We have only 1 competitor in this industry and currently we are 3-5 years ahead of them in technology. ConSemi has developed and patented systems and processes in the production and test of the latest leadframe process with our L2S2 product. We have also patented and will be soon launching our FATcat System (Failure Analysis Tool). This system has NO competitor and our only competition is a dangerous and uncontrollable process using fuming nitric acid. ConSemi also has several other products in R&D.

Runner-Up: Innovation Asset Group (IAG), Oregon

Innovation Asset Group, Inc. (IAG) is an Oregon c-corporation formed in May of 2002. It has created a next-generation software system called DECIPHER that enables companies, in real-time, to track and manage the most valuable of their assets – their intellectual property (IP) and other intangibles, related contracts, and how it all interrelates. Most companies in our target market have no clear visibility of these critical assets and the important information around them. As a result, they are: (1) Not effectively managing their most valuable asset base; (2) Exposed on the liability side more than necessary (3) Shipping (and paying for) products & services after contracts have expired; (4) Not collecting (or paying) royalties; (5) Using more administrative personnel than necessary; and (6) Paying more money and spending more time than necessary to roll up this information for compliance and internal reporting purposes. We go directly at this problem with an integrated solution. Having launched in late 2004 and already with eleven customers from coast to coast and internationally, all of whom are providing excellent feedback, IAG is positioned for a major land grab in a significant market where exit transaction values are extremely interesting.

State Winners:

CSX Fiber Networks, VA

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Noland & Charges Takes on Consumer Advocate Roll with AccessorizeYourVehicle.com Car Cover Web Site

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Aliso Viejo, CA (PRWEB) May 9, 2006 -

Noland & Charges new Web site, http://www.AccessorizeYourVehicle.com , acts as a consumer advocate for customers who are seeking satisfaction in the on-line world. The car cover and accessories site was published during the first quarter of 2006 and has continued to expand since its opening, featuring quick navigation, a wide variety of products and low pricing. The goal, according to corporate officer Janice L. Noland, is to continue to expand the product lines, add helpful consumer information and keep the prices low while maintaining high customer service levels.

In todays on-line shopping world, consumers often lack a voice with suppliers when problems arise. The objective of AccessorizeYourVehicle.com, is to be the voice that consumers lack. Any company can publish a Web site that provides a large selection of products, or a convenient and easy to navigate site. AccessorizeYourVehicle.com goes one step further by emphasizing customer communication and follow up, especially in those situations where the on-line shopping model breaks down.

To illustrate, one customer was unsatisfied with the pattern used in creating a dashboard cover. An AccessorizeYourVehicle.com customer service representative worked with the customer to obtain a photo of the installed product. That was used to secure a full refund. Additionally, the photo was presented to other manufacturers to find a product that satisfied the customer.

The Web site features a wide selection of the following product lines: car covers, car seat covers, dashboard covers, floor mats and front-end covers (commonly called car bras).

The initial line up of products being offered are the product lines manufactured by the companies owned and operated by Global Accessories, located in Logan Utah. The brand names include industry standard products by Wolf Automotive, The Original DashMat & LeBra. Additional brand names included Premier floor mats.

In addition to the Web sites product offerings, informative content aimed at helping the consumer purchase the right product for their needs is also planned.

About Noland & Charges, Inc.:

Noland & Charges, Inc. (http://www.Noland-Charges.com) is a privately held corporation located in Aliso Viejo, CA. In addition to the operation of http://www.AccessorizeYourVehicle.com, they also provide custom computer software programming resources, web site development services and eCommerce marketing training. The company also sells web site hosting and domain names through their http://www.Noland-Domains.com web site.


Janice Noland

Noland & Charges, Inc.





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The Perfect Swimsuit: Canyon Beachwear Shares Expert Advice

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Malibu, Calif. (PRWEB) June 6, 2007

When Pamela Anderson returned to the beach wearing her old red Baywatch one piece swimsuit for a Direct TV ad commercial, it could only mean one thing: summer is here and it is time to find swimsuit to fit your body!

The question is: which is the perfect swimsuit for your body? Canyon Beachwear shares expert advice to help women find the perfect swimsuit that best fit their body type and lifestyle.

The Facts:

According to a popular survey 16% of women would rather get a root canal than wear a swimsuit in public and 47% percent would never dream of walking on the beach or at the poolside without being clothed.

The Good News:

Swimsuit styles are designed for different body types, which is why you need the suit that fits your body type and lifestyle. There are at least 52 basic styles that can be adapted with different necklines; straps, leg heights, built-in bra types, fabrics and accents that will make you look great!

“Believe it or not, there is an ideal swimsuit for every type of body,” says Kathleen Mudd, President of Canyon Beachwear a chain of 8 specialty swimwear boutiques located in California & New York. “Every woman’s body is different so the trick is to choose a style, color and pattern that accentuate the most flattering parts of your body.”

Here’s some tips from the experts to find your most flattering suit.

Small Bust

“Something with ruffles, details or a lighter-colored pattern on top helps draw the eye up,” said Kathleen Mudd, President/Buyer of Canyon Beachwear.

Large Bust

“At least three-quarters of the bust should be covered. Look for built-in support like a halter top with a band underneath or underwire,” said Shoshanna Gruss, designer of Shoshanna Swimwear.

Boyish Frame

“Small, sexy two-pieces are a great way to accent this body type. Wear suits in a playful pattern or in a bold hue,” said Krisse Mansfield, swimwear trend expert.

Plus Size

“Darker colors are more figure-flattering. Also, suits with built-in contouring are highly recommended,” according to Fran Kauchner, Vice President of Silhouettes.

Pear Shape

“Too Often gals come into our stores and say ‘I need to hide my booty.’ We show them that more fabric is not necessarily more flattering,” said Malia Mills, Designer of Malia Mills Swimwear.

So here is the answer to finding that perfect suit for your body: Find a great swimwear specialty boutique like Canyon Beachwear with a wide selection of styles by top-notch designers and let a knowledgeable sales person find the perfect swimsuit to suit your style.

Visit http://www.canyonbeachwear .com/ now and request your free consultation from a swimwsuit fit expert.


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Nearly Twice as Many Women Need Sports Bras

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Manchester, London (PRWEB) February 25, 2008

Forty-one percent of women don’t wear a sports bra when they exercise, a recent survey suggests. Nearly a quarter of these women claimed that their normal bra was supportive enough to play sports in. Women need to be aware of the impact that exercise can have on their breasts, with problems such as chafing and sagging breasts commonplace for those who choose not to wear a proper sports bra.

The survey, conducted on women aged 16-35 by sports bra retailer Move Active in January 2008, concludes that nearly twice as many women who currently exercise need to be wearing better protection when undertaking exercise. Wearing an ordinary bra when exercising is unlikely to encapsulate or compress the breasts enough to avoid premature sagging. Allowing the breasts to bounce too much during exercise often results in painful chafing and aching pains from the impact of the sport, and this can occur in practically any sport.

A further 16 percent of women who don’t wear sports bras during exercise claim not to be able to find any styles they like, with one survey reply stating “Sports bras are ugly”. Nineteen percent cited the fact that they only do gentle, low impact exercise as their reasoning, whilst 9 percent deemed sports bras too expensive.

Director John Cormack said, “Wearing a decent sports bra is the most important piece of sportswear a women can buy. There is no substitute. With many styles now available in high performance fabrics, sports bras are often machine washable and will dry quickly, allowing them to be worn again in a short space of time.” At around

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14 cup bra

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default 14 cup bra

The best 1/4 cup bra styles for her = www.14cupbra.net
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Vanity Fair Bras

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There are so many factors that go into bra choices-your size, shape, lifestyle, wardrobe and even your mood! Vanity Fair offers a large line of bras and other intimate apparel, not just for the average size woman, but also for women who are seeking plus size bras. A key Vanity Fair company value is perfection in fit-fit for comfort and fit for a smooth, shapely appearance.

Vanity Fair bras have been on the market for 40 years. New fabrics, tasteful designs, and new support techniques have kept the line current and trendy. A recent development in full figure bras has been stretchy, comfortable leotard backs. Customer favorites with this feature include:

Body Shine Floral Contour Bra-with leotard back and wide straps for added support;
Soft Effects Full Figure Bra-with seamless microfiber, non-slip straps, and a u-shaped leotard back.
Minimizer Vanity Fair Bras

Some women with fuller figures look for a minimizer bra to reduce their bust line. A Vanity Fair Bra designed for this purpose is The Minimizer With Lace Detail. It can reduce your bust up to 1.5 inches and comes with underwire, seamless cups, and comfy adjustable straps.

Vanity Fair Beautiful Benefits Collection

Beautiful Benefits is a large collection of designs made with full-figured women in mind:

Underarm Smoother Underwire Bra-This full figure design offers underarm panels for smoothing and shaping; seamless satin cups with side support for shape and comfort; and attractive detailing on straps and center piece.
Underwire Bra-A full figure design with full underwire cups. Curved foam inner slings at the base provide soft additional support. For perfection in fit, both the back closure and straps are adjustable.
Posture Bra-An underwire racerback bra, perfect for wearing under tank tops. This flowery stretch lace racerback is attractive and supportive, with wide cushiony straps, a microfiber lining, and a front closure.
Enchanted Lace Underwire Bra-A full figure underwired design with modest double lining, edges trimmed with satin, comfortable wide straps, adjustable hook and eye at the back, and a subtle embroidery design on the cups.
Full Figure Underwire Contour Bra-Seamless nylon underwire lined with foam-the full cups, back wings and center are decorated with lace; straps and back closure are adjustable.
Lace Fantasy Full Figure Bra-Seamless underwire lined with satin and covered with stretch lace; cups are joined at the center with a love knot design; side support adds comfort and shaping; non-slip adjustable straps and adjustable back fastener.
Vanity Fair Demi Selections

Demi bras are trendy, with smaller, one half or three quarters cups. They are worn with many outfits, from t-shirts and tank tops to evening wear. Vanity Fair has many demi designs-consider these examples:

Body Shine Demi Contour-With smooth profile, stretch padding, underwire, molded cups with light padding, and adjustable straps. Look for bronze and red offerings.
Body Sleeks Front Close Racerback-With front closure, smooth seamless demi cups, tagless comfort, and adjustability; comes in café, mocha, and white.

Discover more about the beautiful range of Vanity Fair bras. Vanity Fair have an extensive collection of bras, for all shapes, sizes and occasions ensuring there is a Vanity Fair bra to suit you.

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Cunha-Pedro [BRA] vs Brink-Reckermann [GER] (QUARTER-FINAL) 3SET {Myslowice 2009} part1

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Cunha…! Cunha….!

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What Is A Nursing Bra As Opposed To A Breastfeeding Bra?

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Article by Lisa Ebbing

What Is A Nursing Bra As Opposed To A Breastfeeding Bra? – Family – Pregnancy

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In this day of instant communication, international travel and the availability of brands in most corners of the globe, there still remains a mystery surrounding two phrases. What is the difference between a nursing bra and a breastfeeding bra?

Coming from the Southern Hemisphere, breastfeeding bra

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World cup 2010 RSA. Quarter finals. Goal. Sneijder. Brazil – Netherlands 1:2

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