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Half Bras – 6 Tips on How To Fit a Bra Properly

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Wearing half bras doesn’t ensure that you automatically look sexy. It’s important to make sure that your bra is well fitted, regardless of what type of bra it is.

wonderbra won001 7878 gs Half Bras   6 Tips on How To Fit a Bra Properly Half Bras   6 Tips on How To Fit a Bra ProperlyWhat you want to look for first is what type of half cup bra you are after. Is it a balconette bra, push up bra, demi cup bra, shelf bra, or cupless bra. What kind of colours and fabrics do you want for your bra? This may sound a bit trivial but picking a bra that you like is the first step to finding a bra for you before you get into all the technical ways to fit a bra properly.

Bra Band

What you should check first when fitting a bra is the bra band that goes around your rib cage.

When fitted properly and viewed in a mirror, the band should not cut into the ribcage or give you discomfort. It should remain parallel or horizontal with the floor so to speak. The band shouldn’t ride up at the back or sit diagonally when viewed to the side. The main support of a bra comes from the bra band.

Shoulder Straps

Should straps. Make sure the straps aren’t too tight. Fitted properly the shoulder straps should not cut into the shoulders, neither should they fall off. Remember that the bra band and shoulder straps should both sit so that they follow the natural line of your body without displaying indentations.


If you bra has an underwire it’s important that the underwire doesn’t poke out or push into your ribcage. The underwire should be under your breasts to support them, not crush them.

Breast Cups

When it comes to the cups you’ll need to make sure that the breasts fill them adequately. The breasts should not spill over the front, or the sides. As mentioned before, make sure the bra, and cups follow a natural contour of your body, this means that the cups should be filled, giving your breasts a rounder look, not a muffin top or half empty glass. This is just as important with half bras as well as full cup bras.


After checking the comfort and the way the bra looks in the mirror it is time to check how functional it is. Rotating your torso from side to side and moving your arms in all directions is a great way of testing this. The rotation and movement should still keep the bra in place comfortably. If straps or bands are moving and cutting into your skin it’s not well fitted. The same goes for the bra cups. Your breasts shouldn’t move around too much or be wedged into the cups.

Final Test

The final test is the easiest one. Put your top back on and have a look in the mirror. Does the bra make your breast, or cleavage look better? Is the bra hidden or does it leave indentations even when it’s under your top?

All these tips above should help you with finding flattering yet comfortable half bras. If you are more of a visual person I’ve managed to find this video below, which shows most of the tips, explained above.

How To Choose A Well-Fitting Bra

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