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Buying Half Cup Bras

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According to sales figures the most popular type of bras purchased today are half cup bras.

simone perele smpr01 115330 gs Buying Half Cup Bras Buying Half Cup BrasThere are many names for half cup bras but the most common alternative name is demi bras. The word ‘demi’ is of french origin and literally translates to ‘half’.

It is almost self explanatory why it is called a half cup bra or demi bra because they only cover the bottom half of the breast, leaving the top half of the breast exposed. The half cup bras still cover the nipples though and are not to be confused with quarter cup bras and cupless bras.

Half cup bras are meant to show the top half of the breast so that you can wear low cut tops or plunging necklines. They often lift or push the breast together to give a more appealing and filled out cleavage of the bust.

Unlike push up bras the half cup bras do not usually have fillets or padding. Push up bras tend to also be more plain looking than demi bras. Half cup bras have lace trimmings and ornate details so that they can be worn by themselves in the bedroom, around the house, without any clothing on top.

Half cup bras can of course be worn under any normal top and often are. The feeling of wearing underwear that is a bit more luxurious than a normal bra works wonders for your self image and mood.

The important thing to note when buying half cup bras is the sizing of course.

Many women tend to buy half cup bras a size too small, so the breast are almost spilling over. The correct way to fit half cup bras is of course to make sure that it doesn’t spill over or end up with a cup half filled so to speak. Any bra that is fitted correctly should complement the contour of your body so that the cup appears to be painted on to your body rather than simply being an attachment.

Some of the most expensive and well known lingerie brands that create absolutely stunning half cup bras are Bordelle, Agent Provocateur, Carine Gilson, Jean Yu, and Guia La Bruna.

For us mere mortals that want something similar and more affordable half cup bras there are top brands like Simone Perele, La Perla, Affinitas Intimates, Chantelle and Victoria’s Secret and most of them can be found at HerRoom Lingerie Buying Half Cup Bras at fantastic prices and discounts.

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Half bras and other variations of shape enhancing lingerie

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There are many types of bras that fall under the heading of half bras, or brassieres that are not full covering.

elle macpherson intimates elle01 e72 564 gs Half bras and other variations of shape enhancing lingerie Half bras and other variations of shape enhancing lingerieSome of them are the quarter cup bra, demi cup bra, shelf bra, balconette bra, and we will also talk about the see thru bra or sheer bra.

With all these different names it can be difficult to decide which type to go with, because they all actually have slight differences as well as similarities.

The common thing that most of these bras have is that they only cover half the breast, hence the overall name of half bras. The lower part of the breast is supported, giving the bust lift and shape. The top half (or more) is exposed which can allow the nipples to be displayed on some types of bras, but not on all of them.

While many probably think that half bras are purposely made to be sexual, sensual or revealing, you are only half right. 

It is true that many professional dancers, performers and women who like to push the limits of their cleavage wear half bras often. Half bras are also not as young as many would think, as they were worn by Marilyn Monroe in the past century and even found on girls in Caesar’s harem.

Half bras, demi cup bras or balconette bras are actually made to be worn under tops that have a plunging neckline or are low cut. This gives the bust support but also hides the sight of the bra. 

Shelf bras or quarter cup bras are meant to be erotic and leave the nipples exposed but also give a natural contour or line under tight fitting outfits, which gives the illusion of not wearing a bra at all.

See thru bras or sheer bras on the other hand are made for sexual purposes as they are see through and only some have support.

Another reason half bras are popular is that it only gives lift where needed in such cases where it is worn by younger females or females with firm breasts.

So even though you may be looking for a half bra or quarter cup bra solely for your special ocassion, it may also be something to consider to make you feel sexy throughout the day.

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