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Variations on half bras and other shape enhancing bras

3 Styles of Magnificent Half Bras

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I’ve written a few previous posts on different types of half bras and described them in depth but I wanted to write something on styles that match different personalities that we may be comfortable with.

All women have different personalities that vary from shy to outgoing, not just in social aspects but also in intimate settings. The same goes for the choices in lingerie. Neither personality trait is better or worse, they simply are who they are. In light of this I’ve chosen three distinct styles of half bras to suit most women.

Sexy See Thru Bra

The see thru bras are half bras suited to the more reserved woman. She still wants to be desired and attractive but perhaps doesn’t want to shout it out to the world. The style of see thru bra I’m talking about is the sheer bra or lace bra. It can be full covering, ornate, supportive, but most of all comfortable to wear underneath everyday clothes. I believe most women would have at least one of these in their lingerie collection.

Vintage Bullet Bra

The bullet bras are a very unique type of bra suited to women with a very distinct taste in lingerie, perhaps even living a rather different or alternative lifestyle compared to the norm. Whether it be artists, vintage fashion enthusiasts, the fit and shape of a bullet bra and lingerie from a time gone by is nostalgic, feminine, and high quality.

Raunchy Quarter Cup Bra

Our last style of half bras is for the more adventurous women. You don’t have to be working in the adult industry to be wearing quarter cup bras, cupless bras, shelf bras, and open cup bras but they will definitely attract someone’s attention. Whether it be for a romantic night at home or for dancing on the pole in a club there are quality luxury quarter cup bras or raunchy lingerie costume sets for everyone’s taste.

I’ve searched the web for places that offer these types of half bras and have found that HerRoom.comHerRoom.com Demi Bras stocks just about everything you could be looking for and WhatKatieDid.com specialises in vintage lingerie such as the bullet bra 3 Styles of Magnificent Half Bras.

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Chantelle Bras C Chic Sexy Half Cup Bras

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chantellecsexy Chantelle Bras C Chic Sexy Half Cup Bras Chantelle Bras C Chic Sexy Half Cup Bras This sexy little balconette from chantelle bras, is a half cup bras with 2-part cup seaming features Chantelle “C” logo lace in an octagonal pattern. Made of polyamide/spandex for comfort and easy care.

  • 2-part, underwire half cup bras are lined with mesh for an overall semi-sheer effect.
  • Seamed, 2-part chantelle bras help direct your breasts forward instead of letting them spread to the sides.
  • half cup bras are lined with transparent tulle for comfort and better support.
  • Attractive tucked grosgrain straps are backed with elastic and are adjustable in back with metal hardware..
  • Center gore has key hole with bow and rhinestone accents.
  • E and F chantelle bras have stays for more support.
  • See matching Chantelle C Chic Sexy Brazilian Panty at the the HerRoom website by clicking on the Buy Now button below.
buy now 2 Chantelle Bras C Chic Sexy Half Cup Bras

Other useful information:

  • Center front is 2″ tall with grosgrain bow accent.
  • Side seams are 2-3/4″ tall.
  • Elastic straps are 1/2″ wide and adjust in the back with metal hardware.
  • 2-hook (2-row, 3-column) hook-and-eye closure in back.
  • Strap width: B, C, 32-34D = 1/2″ wide. 36D, E, F = 5/8″ wide.

Customer reviews:

“I love this chantelle bras. it’s sexy and feels good. It kind of makes my breasts look smaller than they are, but I feel so sexy in it so it doesn’t matter. “

“Love the Chantelle bras brand because of it’s plethora of half cup bras. . .I am a 38B and most bras of that size take the “B” cup and translate that to “full cup armour!” I am 38 inches around, but I prefer a smaller cup. . .I’m a B cup, not anything bigger! Chantelle bras offers beautiful bras and doesn’t stop the beautiful bras at “36.”"

“Perfect fit and beautiful fit, material, handmade half cup bras construction”


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Buying Half Cup Bras

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According to sales figures the most popular type of bras purchased today are half cup bras.

simone perele smpr01 115330 gs Buying Half Cup Bras Buying Half Cup BrasThere are many names for half cup bras but the most common alternative name is demi bras. The word ‘demi’ is of french origin and literally translates to ‘half’.

It is almost self explanatory why it is called a half cup bra or demi bra because they only cover the bottom half of the breast, leaving the top half of the breast exposed. The half cup bras still cover the nipples though and are not to be confused with quarter cup bras and cupless bras.

Half cup bras are meant to show the top half of the breast so that you can wear low cut tops or plunging necklines. They often lift or push the breast together to give a more appealing and filled out cleavage of the bust.

Unlike push up bras the half cup bras do not usually have fillets or padding. Push up bras tend to also be more plain looking than demi bras. Half cup bras have lace trimmings and ornate details so that they can be worn by themselves in the bedroom, around the house, without any clothing on top.

Half cup bras can of course be worn under any normal top and often are. The feeling of wearing underwear that is a bit more luxurious than a normal bra works wonders for your self image and mood.

The important thing to note when buying half cup bras is the sizing of course.

Many women tend to buy half cup bras a size too small, so the breast are almost spilling over. The correct way to fit half cup bras is of course to make sure that it doesn’t spill over or end up with a cup half filled so to speak. Any bra that is fitted correctly should complement the contour of your body so that the cup appears to be painted on to your body rather than simply being an attachment.

Some of the most expensive and well known lingerie brands that create absolutely stunning half cup bras are Bordelle, Agent Provocateur, Carine Gilson, Jean Yu, and Guia La Bruna.

For us mere mortals that want something similar and more affordable half cup bras there are top brands like Simone Perele, La Perla, Affinitas Intimates, Chantelle and Victoria’s Secret and most of them can be found at HerRoom Lingerie Buying Half Cup Bras at fantastic prices and discounts.

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When to Wear a Half and Quarter Cup Bra

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The opportunities for you to wear a half cup or quarter cup bra might not be that often.

leg avenue lave01 86315 gv When to Wear a Half and Quarter Cup Bra When to Wear a Half and Quarter Cup BraMost people believe that wearing erotic lingerie, especially a quarter cup bra, is something you only do for your partner. You wear lingerie to impress your partner and hopefully get a positive reaction to continue shopping for new lingerie. It makes you feel wanted and desired.

The truth is women should wear a quarter cup bra and half cup bras more often. My lingerie collection is growing larger and larger these days. That’s because my reasons for buying erotic lingerie is not only to please my partner.

Don’t get me wrong, wanting to please your partner is a great thing, especially if they enjoy seeing you in a quarter cup bra, but sometimes the old saying “please yourself first” rings true more often than we care to follow it.

There is no denying that the main underlying reason us women buy erotic lingerie is to feel sexy. Feeling desired and attractive makes us feel good about ourselves, it makes us happy. All women are beautiful and we all deserve to be happy.

Wearing a piece of sexy lingerie, like a quarter cup bra, underneath your clothes will definitely make you feel sexier. That feeling will keep you feeling good about yourself all day long.

Change your thinking that erotic lingerie is only suitable for naughty weekends, anniversaries, honeymoons or wedding nights. If that was the case we wouldn’t wear sexy open cup bras more than once or twice a year, if that.

If it makes you feel good to wear a quarter cup bra, wear it everyday, whatever makes you feel happy and good about yourself. It comes back to pleasing yourself first. When you are happy people will start asking what you did to make yourself look so vibrant and playful.

Rather than waiting for your body to change or your confidence to grow put on a quarter cup bra now and see how it makes you feel. Such a simple piece of lingerie will make you feel sexier instantly and you will naturally start to feel more confident and comfortable wearing erotic lingerie.

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