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History of the Bullet Bra

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Bullet Bra History through the Ages

Today the bullet bra isn’t seen very often. It has a very particular look and is therefore only sought after by a select group of women.

bullet bra history vintage lingerie harlow History of the Bullet Bra History of the Bullet BraThe bullet bra had its origins and its height of fame in the 1950′s. It was made popular by girls like Marilyn Monroe and other pin-up style females of its time.

The bullet bra is a full covering bra, unlike the other half bras discussed on this blog. It was however during its time considered to be shape enhancing and was the push up bra of its time. In the 1950’s the bullet bra was almost solely made from nylon or satin and it has distinct circular or cone shaped cups.

What is interesting about the bullet bra is that it does not have any padding or underwire like most push up bras these days. Instead the circular stitching and proper sizing made these bras fit perfectly on most women without needing extra padding or annoying underwire sticking into your ribs.

Some women did however decide to stuff the bullet bras just to fill out the rest of the cup and make them seem extra pointy.

The downfall of the bullet bra came during the 1960′s with the introduction of padded bras and underwire.

In recent times it has started gaining popularity again mostly thanks to Madonna who wore a Jean Paul Gaultier designed bullet bra during her 1990 tour. It was thought to be erotic and provoking even then, despite being decades after it’s birth.

The bullet bra has also become popular with burlesque and rockabilly enthusiasts, which both draw a lot of references from the 50′s.

Finding a bullet bra can be difficult as it is considered vintage lingerie now. There are a few companies around the world that still manufacture them, but otherwise search for bullet bras in vintage shops or on trading sites. A vintage bullet bra that has been taken care of will still be in good condition.

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