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See Thru Bra – A Brief Guide

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Wearing a see thru bra is not something most women would consider for everyday purposes.

fauve fauv01 0031 gs See Thru Bra   A Brief Guide See Thru Bra   A Brief GuideAnother name for see thru bras is sheer bras or sheer lingerie. The bra is see-through in its appearance, leaving the full breast on display. While the see thru bra doesn’t usually give any support, there are styles that have an underwire or rigid mesh. See thru bras come in many different colours and fabrics, but are most often made in a mesh or sheer material.

Interestingly enough, the see thru bras became popular during the 1960′s when the era of feminism was started and women began to burn their bras as a protest. Fashion designers saw this as a great opportunity for women to show their breasts while still wearing a bra, and so the see thru bra was invented.

See thru bras have also been very popular with women that have small breasts. Because they need very little support, a see thru bra can be a great option that is both practical and beautiful.

Normally the main purpose of a see thru bra is seduction. Women who wear see thru bras find themselves feeling sexier and more adventurous.

Men of course also find see thru bras very appealing. It sends a direct message to most men that a woman is showing interest by wearing a see thru bra.

See thru bras can be a great way to emphasize your breasts but shouldn’t be worn for daily use. Since they lack the support that other half bras have it might be more suitable to wear a quarter cup bra or half-cup bra if you still want to be adventurous underneath your clothes.

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