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Lingerie Top Tips – Bra Fitting Guide – Marks & Spencer 2011

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Watch: www.marksandspencer.com The essential bra fitting guide for all women. M&S specialists talk us through the key steps to follow when buying lingerie, focussing on plunge and balcony fit bras. See more at www.marksandspencer.com
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Freya Reveals Top 4 Party Season Tips

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gI 113625 deco moulded strapless Freya Reveals Top 4 Party Season Tips
Desborough, Northamptonshire (PRWEB) October 27, 2012

Lingerie is the perfect place to start when creating any party look and lingerie, and swimwear brand Freya has unveiled 4 simple tips for party outfit perfection! Freya offers a number of lingerie collections designed to boost and flatter the figure and advises that women should start with perfectly fitting basics to achieve a smooth silhouette – making your party dress look and feel amazing.

Party Tip 1: Get Fitted.

Wires digging in, bra straps too loose and cup overspill these are all signs of a badly fitting bra. Freya recommends you visit a professional bra fitter at least every six months, however if you can – do get fitted each time you purchase a new bra style. Correctly fitting lingerie will make a dramatic difference to your party outfit , providing the perfect support, lifting the bust, hugging curves in the right way, allowing you to feel more confident but also comfortable.

Party Tip 2: Get A Good Strapless Bra.

Investing in a good strapless bra will allow you to choose from a wider range of outfit options, making it easier to be ready for even the most last minute parties. For example, the Deco moulded strapless bra from Freya, with low-cut moulded cups, offers fantastic cleavage and uplift to a GG cup. The cups are seam-free, making them invisible under close-fitting clothing.

Party Tip 3: Dont Be Afraid Of Shapewear.

Shapewear is an ever-popular way to create an attractive silhouette in no time at all. With several styles and shades available, shapewear can be worn under any party outfit you choose. For instance, Freyas sister brand Elomi offers a Curve thigh shaper featuring extra firming powernet inner panel with curve smoothing and suction-like properties to firm the tummy and shape the thigh area. Plus a unique adhesive silicone coating, which clings to the body and hugs curves when moving. A shaper brief is also available in both brief and thigh shaper styles in sizes M-6XL.

Party Tip 4: Carry Spare Tights.

When wearing tights on a night out, theres always a slight risk that an unexpected ladder could ruin a look. Simple carry a spare pair of tights in your clutch bag just in case and youll be able to ensure you are picture perfect for all the party photos!

About Eveden

Eveden specialise in designing and manufacturing high quality, fashion-conscious lingerie (including strapless bras and balcony bras), along with bra-sized swimwear, for the fuller bust and the fuller figure. Their range of brands includes Freya Lingerie, Freya Active, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi and Huit. For more information about Eveden please visit eveden.com or email press(at)eveden(dot)com

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Tips on Choosing the Best Suitable Bras – Bra Cup, Big Bra, Push Up Bra, and So Much More!

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Article by Bimol

Tips on Choosing the Best Suitable Bras Bra Cup, Big Bra, Push Up Bra, and So Much More! – Shopping – Clothing

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It’s of great importance to make the right choice of underwear for both males and females. Of course, women may have more difficulries with this, as they have to choose an appropriate bra in addition to pants. Besides, there’s a much greater choice of women’s underwear than this for men.

Every modern woman has a great collection of bras in her wardrobe. Let’s speak of them in detail and decide how they should be chosen correctly.

So, what should be considered while choosing these women’s undergarments? First of all, it’s necessary to pay attention to the body shape and its structure according to which a woman should decide what type of fits her in the best way. It’s really surprising how much money many women are ready to spend on undergarments intending to find the most suitable type of these undergarments. Probably, this is the reason why women can’t do with two or three different bras in their wardrobe. But a dozen of differently designed bras can be explained by numerous experiments of their owner.

First of all, it’s necessary to determine the most popular types or styles of bras nowadays. When you enter a lingerie department in your local store you may notice a great variety of different designs of bras, such as push up bras, bra cup, underwire bras, big, sports bras, t-shirt bras, and strapless bras. Now you’re welcome to choose what will fit you better.

You can be surprised how different styles of bras visually change not only the shape of your breasts but also your figure in general, so it’s extremely vital to choose a proper that would maximally improve your appearance. So, let’s discuss the most popular styles of bras widely used nowadays by women all over the world. Study each of them and try to come to the conclusion which one is the most suitable for you.

The first style of is a strapless bra that according to its name has no straps, so this type of is very suitable for wearing a strapless outfit. Nowadays, this style of bra is very popular, especially by young women and ladies who like wearing strapless dresses, tops or blouses.

A Push up Bra is another wonderful type the main goal of which is to make the breasts look fuller due to pushing them up. This style of bra offers excellent cleavage, and is sold with or without padding in the market. A push up proves to be very effective if you wish to demonstrate your bust to a beloved man or surrounding people. So, this type of will help you to raise your self-esteem. Make others think that you’re a big busted woman!

You will also meet t-shirt bras which are usually used as undergarment. These bras help to create a smooth line under the clothes. You’re advised also to buy a molded cup to fit your breasts’ shape. It will also effectively hide your nipples. T-shirt bras are preferred by girls going in for sports or simply by those who like wearing t-shirts and a pair of jeans.

Another style of bras is underwire bras. They are produced from a thin flexible wire that offers the bra cup for extra support. These bras provide great support to the woman’s breasts, and due to this peculiarity about 70% of women have these bras in their wardrobe. Underwire bras help a lady to look hot while wearing this style of bra.

Finally, plus size bras or simply big bras are irreplaceable for bigger women or for medium-sized women who are lucky to have large bust. These bras are available in big band sizes and large cup.

Summing up, it’s important to say that any modern woman has an opportunity to choose the necessary type of taking into account her lifestyle, as well as the occasion she’s going to wear this or that bra type for. Remember to consider the style of clothing you’re wearing too. The most preferred bras for everyday usage however are t-shirt bras, seamless, and underwire bras. If you’re a woman of a large figure, consider purchasing the seamless, underwire bras or plus size bras. If you’re going to become a mother soon, don’t forget to get a maternity bra that will be of great help in feeding your baby in future. Do you love sports? Choose one of the numerous models of sport bras. Enjoy wearing different types of bras.

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How to Fit a Bra : Strapless Bra Tips

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Strapless bras are great for low-cut or strapless dresses. Learn tips for finding and fitting strapless bras in this free video on women’s lingerie. Expert: Jennifer Krischer Bio: Jennifer Krischer studied fashion design at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago then transferred to UCLA where she studied costume design. Filmmaker: Karin McEvoy
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How to Measure Your Bra Size – Bra Fitting Tips For Every Size

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If you’re unable to get to a bra shop for a bra fitting, don’t let that stop you from figuring out your bra size. You won’t believe it till you’re wearing the proper size but a good fitting bra will make you look thinner, feel more confident and will improve your breast heath. Here are the steps to a better you!

Have a seamstress’ measuring tape handy. This will allow you to measure the circumference around your breast and rib cage with ease.
Start with your rib cage measurement. Place the measuring tape directly below your bust where the underwire would normally rest. Make sure the tape is parallel to the floor and is completely level. When measuring, make sure the tape is nice and snug, similar to how a bra should fit. Record your measurement in inches. 
Once you have the measurement, add three inches. This is your band size. Bra manufacturers design bras with these measurements so don’t worry about seeming bigger than you really are.  An exception to this rule is if you measure over 40 inches. In this case, stay within an inch of your measurement. The larger your breasts, the snugger your band should be to support you.
Once you have you rib cage measurement you’ll need your cup size measurement. To find this, measure the fullest part of your bust.  You should be wearing a non-padded bra for this part of the measuring. Padded bras will add volume to your bust and will subsequently confuse the measurement.
  Once you have both measurements, you’ll be ready to learn your bra size!
 To find your bra size, you must subtract your rib cage measurement from your bust size measurement. (Note that your rib cage measurement is the number before you add the three inches.) For every inch difference there is a letter and that letter is your cup size.

1 inch = A cup 2 inches = B cup 3 inches = C cup 4 inches = D cup 5 inches = E cup (DD) 6 inches = F cup (DDD) 7 inches = G cup  

Take your band size and add it to your cup size. Viola! There is your bra size.

Example: Your rib cage measures 31 inches and your bust size measures 36 inches.

Your band size: 31 + 3 = 34. Your band size is 34.

Your cup size: 36 – 31 = 5 inches. 5 inches is an E cup (DD).

Your bra size = 34DD.

Things get a little more complicated if you’re between sizes.

Example: Your rib cage measures 32 inches and your bust measures 36.5 inches.

Your band size: 32 + 3 = 35. Your band size is 35, which doesn’t exist.

Your cup size: 36.5 – 32 = 4.5. 4.5 inches is between a D & E cup.

In this case, your bra size is between a 34E and a 36D.

Even then, sizes differ by not only manufacturer but even by product line. Some bras run big, some run small. This measurement guide is only the beginning and you will likely have to try on several bras before you’ll find the one that fits you best. Bra fitting is a trial and error process at the best of times. Help the process by keeping notes about the fit of the bras you try on so you can tell your fitter. The more information you have about the fit of the band, cup, etc, the better advice the fitter can give you.

It is important to note that the shape of your bust will affect the measurement. Therefore, women with larger busts will have less accurate measurements. If you are plus size, there is less projection from your rib cage. In layman’s terms, your breasts don’t go as out and you’ll likely have to try on the bras to find your exact size.  

Check out Linda’s Bra School for more bra fitting advice. Our bra size calculator can help you if you’re stuck. Feel free to call our bra fit hotline at 1-888-262-4886 for additional assitance.

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Half Bras – 6 Tips on How To Fit a Bra Properly

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Wearing half bras doesn’t ensure that you automatically look sexy. It’s important to make sure that your bra is well fitted, regardless of what type of bra it is.

wonderbra won001 7878 gs Half Bras   6 Tips on How To Fit a Bra Properly Half Bras   6 Tips on How To Fit a Bra ProperlyWhat you want to look for first is what type of half cup bra you are after. Is it a balconette bra, push up bra, demi cup bra, shelf bra, or cupless bra. What kind of colours and fabrics do you want for your bra? This may sound a bit trivial but picking a bra that you like is the first step to finding a bra for you before you get into all the technical ways to fit a bra properly.

Bra Band

What you should check first when fitting a bra is the bra band that goes around your rib cage.

When fitted properly and viewed in a mirror, the band should not cut into the ribcage or give you discomfort. It should remain parallel or horizontal with the floor so to speak. The band shouldn’t ride up at the back or sit diagonally when viewed to the side. The main support of a bra comes from the bra band.

Shoulder Straps

Should straps. Make sure the straps aren’t too tight. Fitted properly the shoulder straps should not cut into the shoulders, neither should they fall off. Remember that the bra band and shoulder straps should both sit so that they follow the natural line of your body without displaying indentations.


If you bra has an underwire it’s important that the underwire doesn’t poke out or push into your ribcage. The underwire should be under your breasts to support them, not crush them.

Breast Cups

When it comes to the cups you’ll need to make sure that the breasts fill them adequately. The breasts should not spill over the front, or the sides. As mentioned before, make sure the bra, and cups follow a natural contour of your body, this means that the cups should be filled, giving your breasts a rounder look, not a muffin top or half empty glass. This is just as important with half bras as well as full cup bras.


After checking the comfort and the way the bra looks in the mirror it is time to check how functional it is. Rotating your torso from side to side and moving your arms in all directions is a great way of testing this. The rotation and movement should still keep the bra in place comfortably. If straps or bands are moving and cutting into your skin it’s not well fitted. The same goes for the bra cups. Your breasts shouldn’t move around too much or be wedged into the cups.

Final Test

The final test is the easiest one. Put your top back on and have a look in the mirror. Does the bra make your breast, or cleavage look better? Is the bra hidden or does it leave indentations even when it’s under your top?

All these tips above should help you with finding flattering yet comfortable half bras. If you are more of a visual person I’ve managed to find this video below, which shows most of the tips, explained above.

How To Choose A Well-Fitting Bra

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